"A system for the fodder preparation" - patent No. 2585847, 2016.

On December 29, 2016, the international application No. WO 2016/209118 A1 was published and the patenting procedure was started in Germany, Canada, and in the USA.

This development provides for a complete automation of the feeding process at farms. The main result of the implementation of this system is the reduction in labor costs in the process of preparing fodder in large livestock farms.

The fodder preparation system includes:

  • At least two platforms for storage of feed
  • Cross arms
  • Fodder mixer
  • A conveyor stretched across of one of the platforms for fodder storage and installed to allow moving fodder to the mixer
  • Devices for moving fodder along the platforms and unloading onto the conveyor / fodder mixer

The System may include a heavy-duty mobile fodder preparation unit developed and implemented by Profeedtech LLC based on the KAMAZ chassis.

The platforms for fodder storage are divided by longitudinal walls on which guides for cross arm movement are installed. The platforms are open from opposite sides for loading fodder on them from one side and unloading fodder from the opposite side.

Each cross arm is equipped with fodder gripper mounted on guides above each fodder storage plat-form, the gripper being capable to move along the platforms and unload fodder on the conveyor or fodder mixer.

The fodder mixer loads the prepared fodder mix batchwise on the conveyor that moves it to the cat-tle feeders.

Other options of implementation are possible: movement of the mixer itself along the guides (rails) directly into the livestock rooms for distribution of the fodder from the mixer into feeders; installation of a stationary fodder mixer between two conveyor belts so that one belt provides loading of fodder to the mixer, and the other is feeding the finished fodder to the livestock.

The effectiveness of this "System ..." is achieved through the following technical aspects and components:

1. No need to stop the fodder preparation to load new fodder on the platforms, because loading and unloading can be performed simultaneously.

2. Use of several independent cross arms instead of a single one, as in the previous level of the inven-tion, which speeds up the process of feeding.

3. Use a number of mechanisms installed above the platforms with fodder replacing the work of addi-tional units of equipment and / or staff:
  • Grippers specially selected for each fodder type
  • Leveling and compacting of silage to be stocked is carried out using a compactor (rear cross arm) and a bucket gripper (front cross arm) to be also used to load silage into the mixer; the operation of a heavy tractor is excluded, which has a beneficial effect on the environment.
  • Automated introduction in silage of all the necessary biologically active additives using a tank installed on the rear cross arm (from the fodder loading side).
  • Fodder can be covered using a device in the form of a film reel to be installed on the rear cross beam.
  • The system may further include load sensors for fodder movement devices, position sensors for the fodder movement devices and mixer, a control unit for the fodder movement devices and mixer for coordinating their interaction.

4. The ability to manage the entire "System ..." by one person.

At the Agrosalon-2018 exhibition, the " System ..." will be presented in two models reflecting the essence of the two embodiments of the invention: the use of mobile fodder mixers and stationary ones.